Quick ordering

Order directly via the search field

Simply enter the required quantity of the item (e.g. 10) followed by a plus sign and item number of the required item (e.g. DN 1212 MS) in the search field.

Example:Enter the quantity and item numberPlace item in the basketItems were added to the basket
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Picture: Explanation of quick ordering process

Order from tables

  • Mark and copy several rows from a table and paste them into this field
  • The eShop puts all items contained in the table into your basket
  • The table must be structured as follows: quantity, item number (ours, yours or an item number from another supplier). A tab stop, semicolon or plus sign must be used as a separator.
  • Add several items to your basket at one go via this table
  • Enter the quantity and item number (ours, yours or an item number from another supplier) in the corresponding field
Quantity Item number
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